Monday, 11 February 2013

How to Plant dragon fruit

This is tips on how I grow mine at home, if you have other tip please feel free to add in 

Hi to all the people who is asking about how to grow. It easy but people out their which are farmer don't want to show you. 1st growing dragon from seed is a NO. growing from cutting which buying it from ebay seller is NO!!!! why because they will sell you cutting that so small, that take years and years and years before the plants reach to the top of the pole, then take year again before new plant start to grow, Dragon fruit to fruit when the plant start to over hang. HOw to grow: make a pole at about 1.2 to 1.5 meter from the ground and make a square on top of the pole 1st have a cutting from 500m to 1meter or over, the longer the better. 2/ place the flat side of the plants against the pole and tried it, the flat side is where the root will grow 3/ once you've done that top up with garden soil & cow compost.then water it. water it every day but don't over water it as the plant it self is like water from the inside. they love the sun. In winter should water it only 2 or 3 times a week in the morning. only water it in the center where the pole is. should see some growth in it after 1 month or 2once small plants start to grow, look and see how many small one start to grow.e..g if there's 3 growing cut away the 2 smallest one. keep doing it until they start to grow as over hang, once it start to over hanging, see if there more small one growing, cut away the smallest one leave 2 behind. buy doing this the plant will not over grow and when just winter is end top in cow compost. a month later you should see little bud( small round very lite in yellow color) that's the bud of the dragon fruit. once that start any small stem start to grow just cut it. you only leave new stem after the fruit season. 

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