Saturday, 16 February 2013

vegetable bitter in my garden

Rau ĐằngCompared with other vegetables, vegetable bitter little economic value, grow humble corner of the garden, rarely care, but it's still quietly proliferate and when needed it will with just a salad on tray of rice harvests. Bitter vegetables such as its name, has a bitter taste. Stem and leaf vegetables are very small with high thermal dissipation.Vegetables are often eaten with raw vegetables or eat hot pot. But there are times when the main dish meals everyday in my home, which is probably the best, most exciting mixed bitter salad shrimp. For bitter vegetables grow close to the ground, so before using to wash thoroughly through the water two or three times, then drain, then to disk. Using diluted vinegar sprinkle on vegetables, mixed vegetables soaked in vinegar for about five minutes then decanting off all water. The purpose of mixing vinegar to the vegetables to be crunchy, when eaten sense "SUN arc" in the mouth. Next take the bacon, minced fresh shrimp and onion, monosodium glutamate, pepper, fish sauce to marinate. For all the mixture into the pan of hot oil, the island through a few times to the shrimp and meat evenly.Before the meal, use and large the meat was fried shrimp on the plate of vegetables, covered little cilantro and crushed roasted peanuts. So delicious with a plate of vegetables served with white rice. If the garden few young clusters jackfruit, you can pick on the small cut and then loaded onto the disk vegetables more attractive. Fat sweet shrimp, pineapple wine of young jackfruit, peanut flavor of the slightly bitter taste of vegetables and melted where the tongue. The flavors that stimulate the taste buds make the meal more flavor hom

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