Saturday, 16 February 2013

vegetables pepper in my garden

Rau Càng Cua
Crab or vegetables pepper, also known as single needles, single cold, buttons, demon magnet seminar, like the magnet seminars, quarterly elementary, diamond flower workshop [1] [2] ( nomenclature of two parts : Peperomia pellucida) is a species of vegetable pepper (Piperaceae) [3] . This is wild vegetables grow many places, lived for a year, distributed in tropicalclimate areas . Delicious when eaten raw sour crispy vegetables, nutritional value .

Vegetable crab of herbs, the high branches about 20 - 40 cm [4] , the body contains more viscous water vapor, small and smooth,heart- shaped leaves with sharp blue. Pale green vegetables , viscous full body, smooth, leaves grow alternate , sessile, blade membrane, transparent, triangle - oval , heart shaped at the base,, convergence and pointed at the tip, length 15-20mm wide near the station. Flowers grow in clusters at the top of the tree length of the cotton fiber form with the stem at the top, 2-3 times as long as the leaves, berries sphere, 0.5 mm diameter a short hard edge at the top. When I small vertical grow vegetables, beef then spread to the ground , the body divided into many small branches. [2]Heading appropriate herbaceous plants live in wet places, love grows in damp soil, ditches, canals, walls, under the wall , on therocks , usually flower opening in January or August of the lunar calendar, strong vitality , very small particles dispersed far, if exposed to the appropriate conditions on the plant and spread [2] .Vegetables, salty , sweet , sour , and crunchy, tough. Crab vegetables are nutrient-rich vegetables, particularly beta-carotene (provitamin A ), vegetables rich in iron , potassium , magnesium [3] ... also contains a lot of vitamin C , carotenoids . 100g crab vegetables contain 92% water, 34 mg phosphorus , 277 mg potassium , calcium 224 mg, magnesium 62 mg, iron 3.2 mg carotenoids 4166 IU, vitamin C, 5.2 mg, provides the body with 24 calories [ 4] . According to Oriental medicine , bitter vegetables, crab, calculated average.
UsedCrab vegetables are usually processed into nutritious rustic. Vegetable crab can also be mixed with other vegetables such as sam vegetables , herbs ..., dotted with fish stock or meat stock. Crab Vietnamese people usually pick make fresh squeezed vinegar, especially vegetables eaten raw with fried frog , re-fried beef, braised eel , delicious mouth, the face ... [4] Vegetable crab washed, dotted with delicious stock or sauce; salad by mixed with stalks Silver, boiled bacon, roasted peanuts stamping and basil, beef salad with oil, vinegar, boiled eggs; sardines Canned and onion ..., are diuretic dishes, thermal bar and refreshments. However, note that the vegetables are not suitable for kidney stones [1] [5] .
In addition to vegetables crab while providing high quality but low energy, suitable for fat reduction, is used as an effective complement to iron deficiency anemia. Substances in vegetables good for your heart and blood pressure as well as contributing in the treatment of diabetes , constipation , high blood pressure ...
In Western countries , people see the vegetables and crab like a weed. One can crushed leaves use up the treatment of malaria , headache , mucus from the leaves of oral treatment of abdominal 

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